You Do The Making

I’m the (devils) advocate.

I tell them how it is, as it is.
I don’t lie, maybe,
I may exaggerate, yes,
but that’s what I’m made to do.

I know it sucks,
the ugly truth, the painful truth,
the truth we wish wasn’t true,
I know,
that’s why I’m the advocate.

But know this,
all I give you is the past,
a past that has happened,
a truth,
and perhaps a possible truth,
a mean one,
but it is not everything.
That’s not my job to do,
so go on, you do the making.



Funny (I can’t even laugh)

Evil, isn’t that a funny word?

We use it to describe people,
we use it to describe things we hate,
we use it to describe the creators of pain.

But do we know it, that we’re doing this?

Do we know that we are people,
do we know that we are what we hate,
do we know that we are the creators of pain?

People, aren’t we funny?

Yeah, in a way that I can’t even laugh.

The Dividing

You speak well,
so well I am damned,
maybe even charmed,
but not enough to
wish to be you.

You speak elegantly,
each word with power,
enough to shower
people to move forward.
(I never said in which direction).

The words you chose
are fruitful in ways,
in ways I didn’t know could exist,
until today.

I wonder when people
forgot, …or maybe never knew,
how strong your words are,
so strong it could move them
in any way,
any way you want them.
(What do you want?)

I don’t know the answer,
but I do know your words matter,
not enough to let me be divided, however,
not enough to make me agree,
“It’s us vs them.”

You can say it’s the reality,
“It’s us vs them”,
but know this, it was never the truth
till you made it one;
a truth I will not accept.

Falling From Grace

“Yeah, if there’s a shooter, you shoot her,
so that way there’s no more shooters, right?
What does that make you, then?
A hero who could only stop her
from falling any further
from grace,
and saved everyone else
by staining your hands
with the blood of someone
we could’ve saved,
but was too late to do so,
so we said, just shoot her.”

I can’t believe some people really think violence on top of violence, death on top of death, is the answer; it’s not, it’s only a response to the moment, it’s not the solution to the core of the problem…

Yeah, I can see how it is necessary to arm the “good people” and send them out to shoot someone else who’s also shooting, but in a “bad way”. I mean, when people make that the only option left, then duh, it will happen, because it’s too late to stop the damage (and heal, which do we ever do?), it’s too late to notice the signs to stop and save them from falling from grace, and that’s why I’m so frustrated and upset.

Why do we let people be so damaged and notice too late (?) then send out our good ones and tell them to take the life of someone who is human, too, even if that human is so hurtful to the point where it drives that human to create more pain.

do you understand how serious of a request that is?
to take another’s life?
do you understand that not all pain & damage
can be comprehended by our eyes and brain?

I don’t understand why we make that our only option. I may never understand, and even if I did, I don’t think I’d be satisfied with the answer, ever.