Death of Love

She lost her love
and left the day
to recover what’s gone
with those who’re the same.

I could not offer her much
for I know there’s nothing
that could fill the whole
as I’ve got one here, still.

We just accept it
and move on
for it won’t kill us
so long as we don’t let it.

And we can’t let it
or they’ll have died
in vain.


You can have both

I never settle for one
or the other
and I hope you don’t

Life’s too short
to just choose one way
when you can have both,
like success and happiness.

Growing Up – ADULTING

I probably ask the stupidest questions about things that almost everyone else knows already. But I have to ask those stupid questions because my parents don’t or can’t tell me the answers. I hate it when they do know the answer but they choose not to tell me because I’m forced to show people how ignorant I am when I ask “stupid” questions or when I make a mistake.

For example, I was told by my dad that I had to buy a “sticker” for my car.

I’m like, “what sticker?”

My dad: “just go to the DMV & show them this sheet and they’ll know”

Me: *still uncertain of what he’s talking about but goes to the DMV anyway. I go and I see two lines: one for “tabs” and one for “other”

I’m assuming I want the “tab” line based on the content of the sheet my dad gave me. I go up to the counter & the first thing I say is: “Am I in the right line for this?” *hands the dude the sheet of paper

The dude: “Yep”

Me: *thank goodness, but now he knows that I didn’t know dipshit about what a tab is for a car 😭 my dad couldn’t bother to tell me that’s what it is?!?!?! He had me “live & learn” literally. I didn’t know that becoming an adult with my parents meant no little asf guidance 😭😭😭😭

And I’m still asking stupid questions like that because my parents can’t bother to teach me anything! Today I brought my car in for a checkup & oil change and my dad tells me to drive up to our dealerships service garage, but I get there and the garage is closed soooooo what? I park and call them and say, “I made an appoint for 4:30 but where do I take my car?”

The dude who answered: “The garage”

Me: “What do I do to open it?”

The dude: “Just slowly drive up to it and it’ll open”

Me: *oh* “Thank you!”


What am I doing with my life 😭😭😭 I feel so stupid having to ask all these questions that shouldn’t be necessary because this stuff, I feel, should be taught to me by my parents 😭😭😭

The Truth

I will tell you the truth,
even if it’s an ugly truth.

If nice lies are what you want
then we’ll never become close
because we are never true
to each other if lies are all we have
for one another.

– From an INFJ